Other Early Childhood Education Blogs

   Mrs. Young  – Mrs. Young’s Blog
She became a blogger to explain that Pre.-K teachers are indeed teachers just like all other grade level teachers.


  Sally – Elementary Matters
She became a blogger with others to share resources with other teachers to be the best educators they can be.


Just 4 Teachers  DebbiJust 4 Teachers
She became a blogger to share her ideas and get other teachers to share their teaching ideas across the boarder. Debbi likes getting new ideas as well as sharing her creativity with others.



The Importance of Blogging When I Become a Teacher
When I become a teacher in the future, blogging will be beneficial to me because it will help me share my ideas with others. By sharing my classroom ideas with others will give people maybe some motivation to share their ideas as well. Also, you can become linked to people like the bloggers shown above who share their ideas as well. It gives you a fresh and new creative outlook in your classroom. As an early childhood education teacher, seeing what other people are doing in their classrooms will help me develop a strong learning environment myself, and help me develop my own ideas to share.





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