Podcast: Apps, iPhones and Young Kids

Lisa Guernsey developed this podcast to explain with Carly Schuler, who co-wrote the report with Cynthia Chiong, research associate at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, the advantages of education apps for technologies such as iPads and iPhones. Cynthia explains in the interview how effective it is for children to learn through digital media such as these technologies, just as Sesame Street did as the first educational television program. Studies have shown that more and more children have been wanting to constantly play with technology. Especially when they see there parents using it. Think about all the toys that have been developed that model objects adults use. Such as a play kitchen, play phone, toys cars, or play vacuums. Now children want things such as their parent’s iPhones and parents are willing to allow them to play on them because of the apps that they have access too. 47 out of 100 apps that were downloaded target children and the majority of them targeting preschool aged children.With the touch screens on these devices it makes it very intriguing for the children and very accessible. More and more app creators are creating apps that are developmentally appropriate for children. The educational app market will only continue to grow.

All of this information was very interesting to me. But it made me realize how true it actually was. Every time I am around my little cousin, age 6, she is always fascinated with my iPhone or iPod touch. She is constantly asking to play with it. I believe that it is a great and effective way for children to expand and sharpen their learning skills. It also is a very easy way for them to do it, by making it fun!

Here is the link to check out this podcast…





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