Google Sites: e-Portfolios

Using Google Sites to Create e-Portfolios:

Google Sites provides a free application for creating your own website and is very effective for making e-portfolios. E-portfolios are very useful in education not only for students, but for the teachers as well. It is very good to make yourself marketable for the job market. an e-portfolio is an online way to store all of your documents such as resumes, to present yourself on the web. Many teachers can use them for things like job promotions, or applying for another school district. And students can use them to build up information about themselves for when they put themselves out into the job market.

The Basic Process to Create a Google Site:

  1. First you must create a Google account
  2. Next, Choose the Google Sites option under the “more” menu from the main Google page or just go to
  3. Click the create site button
  4.  Name your site and choose who is able to view it
  5. Then you can begin designing the look of your portfolio
  6. You can imbed videos, upload and display images, and provide links to external work.

There are more details and information here…..

Here is an example of an e-portfolio created with Google Sites
jayhawksean’s photostream
Making my ePortfolio for promotion

Get Started on Your E-Portfolio!


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