Presentation by Jamie Vollmer

On campus I attended a very excellent presentation by Jamie Vollmer. He presented the demands on public schools and what we can do to change the system and problems in education. The support and trust of the community is key to making this all possible. Also the importance of accepting all students in the classrooms.I learned very many important concepts that will be useful to me when I become a teacher. He explained in his presentation how teachers need to be careful about the discipline that they give to students, as to how they go about it. Teachers can get stuck in legal situations if they do not handle a situation properly, because of how the parents respond to your disciplinary actions. This was important for me to understand because that makes me more cautious how to handle situations, that way I do not react in a manner that will get me into serious trouble. Also parents will constantly complain about “what is right for their child” and “they know what is best for their child”. That in a sense is true, they do know their children, but they also need to let the teachers do their jobs, because most teachers do know their students and what they need education wise. In my classroom, this will help me understand the importance of paying attention to the needs of each student, not only to suit the parents, but to give their children the best education I possibly can. It is also important to unveil the full potential of every student. This will help many factors such as confidence as well as improve their academics. The “prerequisites of progress” were described in the presentation and it was brought to my attention how important the community is in the school system. You need the community’s understanding, trust, permission, and support to succeed as a school system, and I find this very important. I thought that the speaker had a very entertaining presentation. He was an excellent speaker, and really reached out to his audience. I thought he was always trying to find a way to relate to his audience. He gave a very informative presentation that will help me in the future as an educator. In my future classroom, I will use Jamie’s tip to accept all students. He explained how important it was to accept everyone and make sure that the students were all “melted together” no matter their race, religion, sex, origin, any factor; they should all be accepted. I think this will really help me in my classroom because it will make me more aware and cautious, not only for myself as a teacher, but I also will encourage my students to do the same. Another thing that was very useful to me was the “4S method” Jamie described. The first S being stop, to stop bad mouthing other teachers and faculty in public. The second S being shift, meaning to shift your attention from the negative things to the positive. The third S is share, meaning to share something positive about what you do as a teacher. And the final S being sustain, standing for sustaining the effort to be positive. All four of these S words will help me as a teacher and remind me to stay positive. I feel that it is very important to love what you are doing and this will really help me do this. It is important to stay positive, because if you become negative than the more negative things around you become. I was very happy I was able to see Jamie speak. It was a wonderful and worth while experience.

Jamie Vollmer presentation


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